About Us

About Us

Investing in land, creating a future for families.

Hello, my name is Matt, and I like land investing. 

Maybe it’s the “lemonade stand” kid part of me, maybe it’s the graduate degree in Finance, but something just “clicks” for me in this business.

It’s rewarding to get to solve problems and help others – whether it’s someone looking to get rid of a property that they inherited and doesn’t mean anything to them other than an annual tax expense, or someone looking for a place to camp on with their kids as they sojourn throughout the US as a high school graduation experience then gives their graduate as a gift (both of these actually happened), it is true what they say: you get the most fulfillment when you’re helping others!

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Terra Karta
Terra Karta
who likes #landforsale in the #ozarks?
Terra Karta
https://www.terrakarta.com/product/ar-boone-021-07113-005/10-acre property on Hacker Ln, just outside of Harrison, Arkansas. APN 021-07113-005
Terra Karta
Terra Karta
Got some cool shots of some AMAZING properties in the #Arkansas #Ozarks on the way!
Terra Karta
Terra Karta
How’s your 2022 to-do list going?

Does it involve the outdoors? Starry nights? Camping? Hiking? Wide-open spaces?

Maybe starting an additional income stream?

Maybe owning some BEAUTIFUL land within a stone’s throw of an internationally-recognized national park?

How about all of the above?

We can help with that. 🙂
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