40 acres in Apache County, AZ just outside of Concho


AZ – Apache – 212-50-895

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Proposed Terms:

  1. Option 1: $15,000 up front | $500 per month for 40 months | works out to $35,000
  2. Option 2: $10,000 up front | $475 per month for 60 months | works out to $37,500
  3. Option 3: $10,000 up front | $425 per month for 72 months | works out to $40,000
  4. Contact us for other options.

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Property listed with Kevin Dunn of Realty Executives


Property accessed via N8591 via CR 5020; This is the best and quickest access. The road is a dirt road unmaintained by the county however a neighbor was out repairing the road as I came through. Access from N8497 via CR 5020 is not recommended as it does not reach the property and it has large rock throughout the dirt road.

Property along the eastern border to the center of the property has mixed terrain, including rolling hills and large rock. The terrain along the western border is flat and also mixed with low ravines from the two washes running north to south.

The property has mixed vegetation, including multiple types of cactus, grasses, flowers, and brush. The property has sporadic juniper and some small groves of juniper.

Wonderful views right on the property of the rocky outcrop and rolling hills. Beautiful views to the West, South, and East.

No utilities on the property, no powerlines along CR 5020 either.

There are neighbors in the distance to the NW, NE, East, and to the SE (this may be abandoned).

Very light debris on the property near the abandoned camper.

4G cell service available

Neighbors to the NW were out repairing the road (which is wonderful to have in rural areas!). Despite the neighbors, the area was very quiet.

GPS Coordinates
NW34.4845, -109.6633
NE34.4852, -109.6549
SE34.4836, -109.6546
SW34.4823, -109.6616



Structure (if any)34.4837, -109.6568
Turnoff from main road (1)34.5022, -109.6575
Turnoff from main road (2)34.5051, -109.6672
Turnoff from CR849734.4874, -109.6653

POLYGON((-109.654969056 34.485346696,-109.657594113 34.4851630925,-109.659998274 34.4849916914,-109.661940162 34.4848530923,-109.66335465 34.4847520935,-109.661695551 34.4824537982,-109.654681775 34.4837850983,-109.654969056 34.485346696))