20 Acres on a maintained road, 1 mile from the Terlingua Ranch Lodge!


Terra Karta is proud to present this “Diamond in the Desert”!

Located #hiking distance from the Terlingua Ranch Headquarters (Bad Rabbit Cafe, Airstrip, and Swimming Pool), and with direct lines of sight to the #Christmas Mountains, Whitehouse Mountain, #Emory Peak, Wright Mountain, and the #Chisos Mountains, and the #Rosillos #Mountains to the east. This property has it all. If you are in want of a place in #Brewster #County for hunting, camping, or building your own AirBnB, you have found the right spot!

#Electricity is located just 200′ from the northern border of the property, and about 800′ from the southern border, so if you want to run your air conditioner in the summertime, NO PROBLEM.

With roads maintained by #Terlingua Ranch, getting here is a breeze, and until the last few miles, your entire journey is ALL PAVED ROAD.

For the #hunters in the group, #Tornillo Creek runs across the northwest border, meaning that you have a water supply when there is wet weather in the area and plenty of room for a feeder. If you are #hunting #Mulies – they WERE here…left their footprints behind. For everyone that hunts West Texas, Southern #Brewster #mule #deer are a known prize.

For the #campers out there, this property brings you limitless options – flat areas to simply pitch a tent, or more complex areas to work around if building advanced shelters is your thing. #Camping is what this place was made for!

Wanting to start an #AirBnB in the desert? You just stumbled onto a gold mine. With access that can literally be made in a Tesla, location that can be mapped with google maps, natural separation that could make this 3 distinct properties (3 distinct AirBNB listings – picking up what I’m putting down?) – the prospective AirBnB owner has nothing but gains in their future with this property.

Looking for a #weekend getaway? Not only is the property super-easy to drive to, but the Terlingua Ranch #airstrip is an hour’s hike away! Fly in from #Austin in your own prop plane, park it there, and #hike to your property for a weekend of reflection, self-centering, and stargazing.

Speaking of stargazing – #OMG y’all. If you haven’t gone to West Texas just to look up at night…’s a shame that this hasn’t been made one of the earth’s official “Wonders of the World” – it’s also a shame that it really can’t be shared via video. Trust me, you NEED to #experience this.

All of that to say that Terra Karta is incredibly proud to present this “Diamond of the Desert” in all its glory – enjoy the video folks!

  • Brewster County, Texas
  • APN: 24811
  • Annual taxes approx: $228
  • Annual HOA approx: $185
  • Zoning: Agricultural, but effectively unrestricted
  • Several water wells in the area
  • Existing electrical lines run within 200 feet of the property


  • Nearby Attractions:
    • Big Bend National Park
    • Big Bend Ranch State Park
    • Terlingua Ranch
    • Terlingua Ranch Lodge
    • Bad Rabbit Cafe
    • Hiking
    • Camping
    • Off-Roading
    • Bicycle trails
    • Geology tours
    • Stargazing
    • Some of the best people in the entire country!


  • GPS Polygon:
    • 29.440094094781,-103.38049768941 ;
    • 29.4401009173008,-103.380550381701 ;
    • 29.4401176945996,-103.380635268677 ;
    • 29.4401286538667,-103.380721387304 ;
    • 29.4401337289737,-103.380808217943 ;
    • 29.4401328892975,-103.380895236657 ;
    • 29.4401261399048,-103.380981918376 ;
    • 29.4401135215213,-103.381067740063 ;
    • 29.4400742682693,-103.381736421139 ;
    • 29.440048433549,-103.3821764901 ;
    • 29.4400271947085,-103.382332647626 ;
    • 29.4399994507192,-103.382487467792 ;
    • 29.4399652649263,-103.382640597113 ;
    • 29.4392827530442,-103.38262598061 ;
    • 29.4393085322921,-103.381729676859 ;
    • 29.4393444162865,-103.380481650227 ;
    • 29.440094094781,-103.38049768941

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